The Truth About Online Courses and Real Business Success

By Joseph

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I've been exploring different business opportunities such as real estate, technology, and solar energy. Surprisingly, some of the less glamorous businesses like laundromats, car washes, and vending machines are quite profitable.

Some of these business owners have created online courses to teach others how to start and run these enterprises.

I've been considering this because if a business is truly profitable, the owner would likely focus on expanding it rather than creating a course to teach others, which would only increase competition.

Everyone Can Sell a Course

Anyone can create and sell a course online. It's a low-barrier-to-entry business. You don't need a lot of capital to start, and you can create a course on anything you're passionate about.

I've created one myself (Blender modeling), but it didn't do well. My hypothesis is that if something can be taught in a course, it's simply knowledge, and knowledge is abundant. People can find it for free online. The secret to making a business profitable isn't just knowledge; it's execution, which probably can't be taught in a course.

Declining Profit Margins

Selling a course is like selling a dream. Instructors paint a picture of a better future, and students buy into it. Although the top players in the industry earn most of the profits, increased awareness leads to more competition, driving down profit margins.

Eventually, the online course market becomes saturated. You'll rarely see a highly profitable business owner create a course to teach others how to start and run their business.

Find a Chaotic Area Without Online Courses

You can earn a profit in any industry if you execute well. However, if you want to disrupt an industry, find a chaotic area without online courses. When an industry is chaotic, there are many opportunities. If no one is dominating the industry, the potential rewards are higher.

Which industry or business do you think is worth giving a shot? Let me know in the comments below.