The 2 licenses you should consider getting

By Joseph

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I work in tech, where typically, you don't need any license as long as you can code or use the necessary tools. There are certifications available, but they're not mandatory.

Most people will eventually buy a house in their lifetime and will also need to file taxes.

I find myself in a similar situation. Filing tax whenever I have income and also considering buying investment properties.

Rather than hiring a buyer agent, I opted to take an online real estate salesperson course to become eligible for the real estate license test.

Real estate license

The online class cost me $250, with an additional $250 for the exam fee.

I passed the general part but stumbled on the state-specific section, scoring 67 out of 70. A close call, but still a fail.

So, I invested around $90 in an exam prep for the state portion, and this time, I passed.

Completing the post-license education and selecting a broker, I officially became a real estate agent.

While you can buy an off-market property directly from a seller, the knowledge gained from obtaining a license proves invaluable along your real estate journey.

Considering the relatively small investment for the license, the savings on commissions represent a significant return.

Enrolled agent license

Filing my first tax return overwhelmed me with the plethora of information and forms. I found myself Googling every term and form, lacking confidence in my accuracy.

Despite successfully filing and receiving a refund, I decided to enroll in a tax course to gain a better understanding of the tax system.

Especially after witnessing the complexities of Trump's tax return, I realized the importance of mastering the tax system.

The exam consists of three parts: personal tax, business tax, and representation, each costing $275.

While I typically opt for free resources, lacking a tax/accounting background prompted me to invest in an online course.

Passing the exam isn't simple, and I'm still diligently studying.

Though more time-consuming than obtaining a real estate license, I believe it's a worthwhile endeavor.

Looking ahead, I anticipate using this knowledge to deduct rental income and assist friends and family with their tax returns.


I'm not suggesting everyone should pursue licenses for everything, but if you're passionate about a field, obtaining a license is undoubtedly worth it.

The knowledge gained proves invaluable in the long run, and you can also share your expertise to benefit others.

What other licenses do you believe are worth pursuing?