Numbers I Tracked

By Joseph

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In school, the primary objective is to achieve good grades; an A symbolizes success.

However, once you leave the academic environment, you quickly realize the absence of clear-cut grades to measure success.

Without establishing personal benchmarks, assessing your progress becomes challenging.

Here are several numbers I've set for myself:

Talk to 1 new person every day.

Familiarity with your surroundings can lead to complacency and a lack of exploration. Seeking new friendships necessitates initiating conversations with strangers.

This principle applies to dating as well. By conversing with someone new each day, you increase your chances of finding a compatible partner.

Social skills, much like any other skill, improve with practice. The more you engage, the more adept you become.

Buy 1 property every year

Currently, I am an aspiring real estate investor with no properties to my name. Aiming to acquire one property annually motivates me to actively search for viable deals.

Unlike most purchases, which depreciate over time, a good real estate investment appreciates, enhancing its value.

Eventually, the passive income generated from these properties will suffice to cover your living expenses.

Dedicate 1 hour of study for every 2 hours of instruction

Complacency is a common pitfall. Merely following the instructor's lead without additional effort can hinder learning.

My hobbies include jiu-jitsu and dance. Failing to review and practice the techniques learned leads to forgetfulness.

View physical classes as opportunities to practice and refine your skills, not just as sessions for passive listening.

You'd be surprised at the improvements you can make by preparing in advance and actively applying what you've learned in class.

The plethora of free resources available online, such as YouTube, offers ample material for self-improvement. The key is to invest time.

Consider physical classes as dojo where you perfect your skills, rather than environments for passive absorption.

Balance Content Consumption with Production

Reflect on the hours spent on YouTube, Netflix, or browsing social media. It's easy to lose track of time consuming content.

Set a goal: for every hour spent consuming content, dedicate time to creating something.

Enjoy watching tennis? Write a blog post analyzing a recent match.

Practicing jiu-jitsu? Share tips or experiences on social media.

Cultivate a mindset of production over consumption.

With today's technology and platforms, creating content has never been easier. Whether it's writing a blog, recording a podcast, or filming a video, start making contributions. You'll notice a significant impact on your life.

What metrics do you use to measure your success? Share your thoughts in the comments below.